Download DRR 2025/ Network Statement

Aceasta este pagina de download pentru documentele oficiale din Documentul de Referință al Rețelei
This is the downloading page for official documents of  CFR Network Statement

Anexa 1 – Definitii
Anexa 28.b – Tarife telecomunicatii
Annex 1 – Glossary

Annex 2.a – Overview map of the CFR network
Annex 2.b – Map of Interoperable and Non-Interoperable Lines
Annex 2.c – Map of traffic sistems and station equipment
Annex 3 – RNE Organisation and Objectives
Annex 4 – One stop shop and RNE tools
Annex 4.a – CFR Capacity Strategy for Timetable 2025-2026
Annex 4.b – The principles of allocation infrastructure capacities on the European Rail Freight Corridors (RFC)
Annex 5 – Main characteristics of the CFR Network
Annex 6 – CFR border station
Annex 7.a – Non-Interoperable Infrastructure
Annex 7.b – Service Infrastructures Operators Charges (Railways infrastructure managers)
Annex 8 – Framework lease contract of the traffic section
Annex 9 – CFR line gradients
Annex 10 – Technical specification of the radio station
Annex 11 – Section with movement activity suspended
Annex 12.a – Strategy for railway infrastructure development
Annex 12.b – CFR development project
Annex 13 – List of Normative Acts Regulating the Acces to the Railway Infrastructure
Annex 14 – Project Railway Infrastructure Acces Contract concluded between CFR and RU 2025
Annex 15.a – Required documents for concluding the acces contract on the railway infrastructure (CFR-RU)
Annex 15.b – Convention on fire fighting
Annex 15.c – Convention on occupational safety and health
Annex 15.d – Project convention on environmental protection
Annex 16 – List of the Railway Undertakings
Annex 17 – Infrastructure capacity allocation agreement (standard model)
Annex 18 – Regulation on the allocation of railway infrastructure capacity
Annex 19 – Traffic restriction
Annex 20.a – Principles Regulating the Procedure of Traffic Coordination
Annex 20.b – Process of conflict resolution
Annex 21 – Infrastructure section with congested capacity
Annex 22 – Priority criteria to the railway infrastructure capacity allocation on the congested capacity section
Annex 23 – Complete List of the Names of the ChargesRelated to the Railway Transport Activity
Annex 24.a – The CFR SA Activity Contract
Annex 24.b – Addendum 1-2022 to the CFR SA Activity and Performance Contract for the period of time 2021-2025
Annex 25.a – Methodology for Charging the Use of Railway Infrastructure
Annex 25.b – List of section for IAC calculation
Annex 25.c – Modality of allocating the direct costs taken into account for the calculation of the IAC at CFR 
Annex 26.a – Charges for services provided by CFR
Annex 26.b – Models of calculation
Annex 27.a – Contract on supplying electric power
Annex 27.b – Methodology of calculating the rate for the service electric power for traction
Annex 28.a – Telecommunication infrastructures
Annex 28.b – Charges for telecommunication ancillary services
Annex 29 – Convention on levying the reduced infrastructure access charge for the intermodal transport trains
Annex 30 – Train Traffic Performance Regime on the CFR Network
Annex 31 – List of Main Operation Instruction and Regulation
Annex 32 – Unitary Management of the Forces in Case of Railway Accidents
Annex 33.a – Model of service infrastructure in railway station
Annex 33.b – Service operators recommended model for describing service infrastructures
Annex 34.a – Service facilities in railway station
Annex 34.b – Port, maritime and inland infrastructures related to railway activities operated by CFR SA
Annex 35 – Situation of station_Hm lines that can be used for long station (s.i.) of wagon
Annex 36 – Framework lease contract on the spaces for the adequate arrangement
Annex 37.a – Service infrastructures of other operators
Annex 37.b – Port, maritime and inland infrastructures related to railway activities operated by other economic agents
Annex 38 – Stations with overheated axle box detection equipment

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